New York Titans Pro Indoor Lacrosse

New York Titans Pro Indoor Lacrosse
Over 13,000 fans enjoyed the Titans home opener at Madison Square Garden. Watch Casey Powell, Ryan Boyle and the rest of the Titans do battle with the best lacrosse players in the world at Madison Square Garden! Catch the hard hitting, high scoring, and fast-paced action of indoor lacrosse. Get the best seats before they are gone! It’s not too early to reserve your season tickets for 2008.
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New York Titans Ryan Boyle and Greg Peyser will be present at the World Boxing Council’s fundraiser for World Boxing Cares at Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan on Tuesday, October 9th. World Boxing Cares is an organization that brings professional athletes to visit sick and impoverished children in hospitals, orphanages and youth centers worldwide.

The night will include honorees that have made significant contributions to the children’s cause, a one-hour comedy show, as well as meet and greets with many shining stars of professional boxing. toktokbet

The comedy show will feature comedians:
William Stephenson (Host) of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Joe Matarese of The Late Show with David Letterman
Rich Francese of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn
Macio of Def Comedy Jam
Joe DeRosa of Last Call with Carson Daly

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The New York Titans are holding open auditions for the 2008 dance team.

The Titans are seeking Female Dancers: 18+, with dancing experience. Dancers must be available to perform at each Titans home game on December 27, January 12, January 31, February 18, February 24, March 22, April 12, April 18.

Open auditions by appointment will be held on Tuesday, October 9th from 8-10pm and Thursday, October 11th from 7-9pm.

Greg Peyser scored one of the most memorable goals in the 2007 season for the Titans. It came in the third quarter of the Titans home game against San Jose on February 24th, and it followed a brawl between Titan Ryan Boyle and Stealth rookie Kyle Sorensen that sent both Boyle and Titans captain Casey Powell to the penalty box. While Boyle and Powell waited to return to the turf, Peyser scored a much needed goal for the Titans. Here’s the kicker: the goal was Peyser’s first goal as a rookie with the Titans and the game was his first game of the season. Not a bad way to start a career. Now that the whirlwind rookie season for the Johns Hopkins grad is over, Peyser took some time to answer some questions about lacrosse and his pursuits off the field asked by Titans summer intern Lauren Aksionoff.

Lauren Aksionoff: Being one of the top face-off specialists in the nation, what’s one bit of advice you can give to a lacrosse player just learning how to take the face-offs?
Greg Peyser: Pick one move – be it a jam-laser, jam, pinch and pop – and practice until you can do the move with your eyes closed. You’ll never perfect a move without lots of practice.

LA: What is one word that describes your style of play?
GP: Aggressive

LA: What are your non-lacrosse or work related hobbies?
GP: Running Sprint Triathlons

LA: What are your strengths as a lacrosse player?
GP: Speed, Strength, Sight

LA: What is your biggest sports thrill?
GP: Playing before a huge crowd

LA: What is your favorite food?
GP: Sushi

LA: If you could be anywhere else in the world at this moment, while reading this question, here would you be?
GP: The Maldives (off the coast of India)

LA: Who was the athlete you most admired when you were young?
GP: Barry Sanders

LA: What is your biggest pet peeve?
GP: Laziness

LA: Did you do anything exciting this summer i.e. competing in any cool tournaments, going on vacation, going to any good concerts?
GP: Got a tan… That’s very cool.

LA: What is your favorite song?
GP: Ace Frehley – New York Groove… I love NY

LA: Having been one of the rookies on the team, is there an added sense of relief knowing that you have one season of experience under your belt?
GP: Certainly an added sense of confidence, but relief is not the right word. I would rather say there’s a bit more pressure to show New York fans the Titans are serious about winning and becoming one of New York’s major sports teams.

LA: How is it playing with the other top players in the nation? What is the practice atmosphere like?
GP: Being a professional athlete and playing with the very best lacrosse players in the word was something I dreamed about as a small child, the fact that I’ve made it here and am competing at the highest level is an honor. Practice is always intense as our coaches try to make it as “game-like” as possible. I always end up with a shirt drenched in sweat.

LA: What are your goals for the coming season?
GP: Right now I have only one goal… Win the first game.